CTFO Business Review

CTFO Pays You 4 Ways 
There are 4 ways any CTFO Associate can be compensated. 

The 4 types of compensation are as follows: 

1. Retail Profit
2. Unilevel Pay 
3. Regenerating Matrix Pay (With copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions) 
4. Infinity Bonus Pay (And Top Gun Pool) 

Knowing that there are far too many hoops to jump through in most compensation plans, CTFO took the best parts of Retailing, Unilevel Pay, Forced Matrix Pay, Infinity Bonuses & CompanyWide Profit Sharing Pools and combined them into a simple, straight forward, easy to accomplish 4-part Compensation Plan with No Gimmicks and No Gotchas. 

There are: 
• no legs to balance, 
• no increasing personal volume requirements with rank advancement, and
• no unrealistic enrolling qualifications In fact, to achieve the absolute top rank in the CTFO 

Compensation Plan (Top Gun), you never need to have a personal purchase or volume requirement of more than $47.47 per month, and you never need to have more than 5 personally enrolled active, qualified people. (If you choose to qualify without a personal purchase, you will need 10 personally enrolled active, qualified people.) 

The 1st way to get paid in CTFO (Retail Profit) happens when you purchase CTFO products on your Free CTFO website at the wholesale prices and then personally sell them to people at your home or business. 

The other 3 ways to get paid in CTFO happen automatically and simultaneously whenever sales are made online at a Free CTFO website. These sales all pay out utilizing the Commission Volume (CV) value of the product or package being bought. CV is the total amount of money that can be paid out in commissions on any product or package. Every item has its own CV amount and CTFO always pays out 100% of the entire CV amount of each and every sale. 

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