My $1 Dollar Business

My $1 Dollar Business 

* Online Grocery Coupons - Print Over and Over and Save Big
* Free training on Apps that pay you CASH for copies of your receipts
* Free Business, Training, Website & Support
* Free Lead Capture Page System
* Start seeing commissions on all Fast Starts - Personal and 2x10 Organization
* See Commissions adding up in real time
* Start receiving Commissions after Leveling up to Phase 1
* Auto-Level-Up to Phase 1 when you have referred 2 paid members or you have 30 days as a $1 Member.
* You can jump ahead and Manually Upgrade Now to Get More Benefits and Qualify for Payments.
* Click on "Add-ons & Upgrades" at the top of your Members Area.
* To Access your benefits, click on the icons on the left side of the Members Area.

PHASE 1 BENEFITS - Earn up to $1,000+ / month

* Savings Certificates
Small fees apply - Members receive amazing deals!
3 Day-2Night Hotel Stay
2 Night Hotel Stay plus AirFare
$1000 Grocery & Dining Savings
$500 Over the counter Pharmacy Savings
Movie Ticket Discounts
Shopping Discounts
Car Rental Discounts

Phase 1 Commissions:
In Phase 1, Auto Level-Up to Phase 2 when you have 10 Active Members in your 2x10 Network.
Earn up to $1,000 Monthly with 2x10 full of Phase 1 Members
It's simple and easy.

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